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 Natural Instinctive Horse Training & Care.

 Full Livery - South Gloucestershire. UK.

The Livery is set amongst a beautiful old country estate and features many miles of hacking on quite country lanes.  Organic hay and straw are provided and all horses are groomed daily, a general health check done, are given herbs, garlic and other natural supplements and are encouraged to go barefoot and all have real grass turn out year round. There are field shelters and natural tall hedges for comfort and all paddocks have auto-drinkers.

The fields are mixed grazed by sheep to help improve the land and it has been kept organically for many years. The paddocks are post and rail fenced and feature many medicinal herbs for equine health & well-being. Please note this is a private family estate and is only suitable for full livery although arrangements can easily be made should you wish to visit your horse regularly.

Full livery service now available, problem horses welcome and re-trained / rehabilitated, using natural gentle training techniques.

Working closely with the horses individual personality, producing confident and positive results.

Please contact me with what ever personal requirement you may have.